Project Depthtech - A Tale of Three Spies

Who else remembers Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow? It had a wonderful Spies vs. Mercenaries mode. I often played the map they call Deftek Belew. Damned if I knew what the heck that meant but that didn't stop me from playing the crap out of it on LAN with the friends.

I eventually got this crazy idea of making a scenario play out during an operation in the map of three spies versus a few mercenaries. At the time, I wanted to do an animation for it in 3D Studio Max since that was the software I was most familiar with.

As with a lot of my ambitious projects, there just wasn't enough time to complete it. In fact, it still doesn't have an ending.

Despite all that, I decided to revisit the project this time equipped with some Maya knowledge.

This post is mainly here to remind myself to finish it.