Please Take care of Toothy for me

The tale of Toothy began when I landed on a far off land which none of our race has yet discovered. After docking my starship on the landing pad of one of the "others", I climbed out of the cockpit and was greeted with the sight of a great lush planet.

As per protocol, standard operating procedure dictates we begin cataloging all life on the celestial body. I climbed off the platform and looked for a point of reference just in case I needed to get back to my starship. For now, a neighboring planet bobbing just above the horizon will be my reference point for my expedition.

As expected, the more common fauna are the first to be found, roaming in large groups in clearings where they are able to graze. I document them with my analyzer and moved on to explore the other geography of the planet.

After about a day of travelling, most of the detected life forms were eventually documented except for one. It was nearly dawn as  I climbed the tallest mountain that I could find to see if my scanners will be able to pinpoint the location of the next group of lifeforms. The analyzer detected some life forms roaming around some distant hills.

By the time I made my way down the mountain, the sun was already rising casting a beautiful golden glow across the land. The hill which the analyzer indicated is not too far away now. Just one punch-boost away.

Then I see it. A lone 6-legged creature with its child. I still remember the sight. The parent creature graciously walking tall out of a cluster of trees into a clearing with its young child merrily following close behind. I scan the creatures and complete my documentary.


I'm not sure if it was because of the challenging achievement of finding them or because that I have completed my directive on this planet and finally found some time for myself, but I decided to approach the creatures and walk among them. 

The parent barely notices that I'm there and ignores any of my offers for food. I then turn my attention to the child who is playfully scampering around the grass. I approach its blind spot and offered it some food as indicated by my analyzer. The creature instantly consumes my feed and barks happily at my offer. It was at this point that I realized that within its large mouth, there are dozens of sharp teeth. It was also at this point that I decided that this creature will be named Toothy.

A happy Toothy scampers around digging at random spots in the ground and uncovers various substances for me to obtain. Whenever I pick one up, Toothy moves on to find the next substance. And the next. And the next. There was no shortage of substances when it came to Toothy. Whenever he found a substance, he pointed at it with its head and barked for me to come over to claim it. 

As Toothy searched, we came to one of the "others" outposts. I documented it with the language of our race and named it Toothy's Hill. Toothy, possibly quite proud if his assistance in the substance finding game, came back to me to ask for a treat. I was at first confused at what he was trying to indicate when he repeatedly opened and shut his mouth directly in front of me. It was a second later that I realized through subtle changes in expression and body language that he was asking for more food. I promptly fed him more and he scurried off to find more substances. 

As I stood on Toothy's Hill, I was planning in my head on how I would get back to my ship which by now would be about a day's journey away. I walked around the hill looking for a vantage point to see if I could spot any nearby "others" outposts from which there would likely be ship recall beacon.

As I searched for a suitable vantage point Toothy was always close by still excitedly looking for substances which are of little value to me but possibly invaluable to him. Occasionally he would get tired of searching and lay atop the grass to rest a while. 

From a vantage point, I was able to spot a nearby outpost. I fed Toothy one last time and prepared to head towards the outpost. As Toothy scampered off to find new substances, I left. Perhaps he won't notice that I'm gone.

The ship recall went as well as it usually did. I headed into the outpost to see if there were any supplies that I may need then took off.

Bae Toothy sleeping

Toothy's Hill was very close-by by air. So I decided to see if Toothy was still there or if he and his parent had left the area. I landed right next to the area marker and looked around to see if Toothy was anywhere to be found. To my delight, the parent and child were still roaming around the hill. I went over to bid my final farewell.

Toothy sees me approach and perhaps out of annoyance that I left without warning, didn't want to have anything to do with me. I made a peace offering of his favorite food and he promptly happily and excitedly proceeded to resume his substance hunt. 

One by one the substances kept getting unearthed and out of respect and for Toothy's amusement, I collected them. 

Toothy snoozing

As Toothy searched for more substances I looked up at the now darkening sky and looked at the stars. I will eventually have to continue my journey to the center. This is the life of a traveler. It then hit me that I will never again come back to Toothy at this exact hill at this exact planet at this exact part of the star system at this exact part of the galaxy. Ever again.

I snapped out of my thoughts as Toothy barked at me to collect a substance. I went over to pick it up and let him know that this is the last substance I need and told him to go back to his parent. He most probably didn't understand what I was saying since he went ahead and hunted anyway. I chuckled to myself and headed back to my ship. 

As I was nearing my ship, Toothy barked again signifying yet another substance. I had to make it clear that I was leaving and that no further substances are needed. I turned away and continued to my ship.

I looked back to find that Toothy has followed me to my ship and is requesting yet another treat. I fed Toothy one last time. He runs off into the brushes no doubt to look for more substances. I hopped into my ship and see Toothy disappear into the darkness. He doesn't realize that I'll never see him again and neither will he. Hopefully he won't notice that I'm gone.

Here's footage of Toothy on Toothy's Hill on Toothy's Planet. No other creature I have encountered was as charming as Toothy. If any of you happen to come across Toothy on Toothy's Hill on Toothy's Planet in Toothy's Star System, please take care of Toothy for me. And tell him I said hi.