Low Poly Man Update 13/10/2016

Secret's out. Low poly man is actually Snake. Venom Snake? But he has no horn. But he has the ponytail. But he has no scar. But he has the three strap eyepatch. Ooh which Snake IS HE?

Who knows. Maybe the next update will clarify his identity.

So I used the skills I learned during the Z-Type car modelling period to try modelling a low poly man. Now he's incredibly messy in topology but I think I can work with what I've got.

Used the MGSV game box cover art for reference for the profile then added a bit of cartoony style into the final model. You could say it's a mixture of real Snake and Tartakovsky-esque Snake.

The next step would be to somehow improve the face texture. First time painting a texture for a face. Not really sure what I should be doing. Tips and tricks readers?

Looking to hopefully continue to eventually make a body and rigging properly to prep him for animation one day. But before that, I'll have to fix all the distortions that you can see in the face texture as you see above.