The Adventures of Captain Heroface

Experimental "video" game set in the universe of No Man's Sky!

note: works on Desktop, Youtube Mobile player, does not work on TV casting.

Extra notes:

  • Happy Birthday No Man's Sky!
  • 1.3 Atlas Rises!

Thanks for your passion and dedication, Sean.

Waking Titan "Forf ship"

The Waking Titan ARG for No Man's Sky revealed the true form of the jumbled image so I decided to roughly recreate the ship in 3D to get a better understanding of the form of the ship. 

Minimal polys and managed to practice my UV unwrapping skills too!

Tests with rigging

2017-01-17 17_03_51-Autodesk Maya 2016_ __cg_artistshared_user_ben_project_rescueapoc_GDI_sniper_ski.jpg

The GDI sniper from Command and Conquer 3. Rigging the fellow up for funsies I would say.

Voice sample obtained from an old C&C3 audio drama made by EA for marketing for (RIP)

The following is a test for a basic vehicle rig for the GDI Pitbull from C&C3.